About Us!

Hexa Technology is a fast growing IT/Software Testing services firm that was founded on the core values of Quality Assurance. Since 2007, Hexa Technology has been offering a wide spectrum of comprehensive application testing solutions to businesses across all verticals. We are dedicated to supporting our clients by helping them realize their organizational objectives. We offer cost effective services that cater to all organizations and sectors, irrespective of the extent of their operations.

Hexa Technology helps companies revolutionize their IT/digital journey by:

  • Delivering enterprise digital assurance through engineering-led QA Agile method.
  • Manual/automated application testing using SDLC/Agile DevOps model.

Services Offered?

  1. Security Testing:

    Identifying the Life Cycle Management across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using devOps.

  2. Infrastructure Testing:

    Building companies with robust on-premises, cloud, business continuity and disaster recovery IT infrastructure.

  3. Performance Testing:

    Run companies with available on-premises, cloud and disaster recovery IT infrastructure.

  4. Monitoring Solutions:

    Monitors the application performance and its availability across cloud computing environment.