Hexa's advanced, high-tech infrastructure and professionally trained staff combine to make your outsourced Medical Transcription Services more affordable.

-Features of our Medical Transcription Service-

  • Medical transcripts (transcribed dictations) delivered within 24 hours
  • Dictate via toll-free configurable phone line or easy-to-use handheld digital recorder (improved digital sound quality lowers your costs).
  • Customize your dictation prompts and formats, down to the physician level.
  • Easily reconcilable/verifiable invoicing.
  • Regular external third-party medical transcription audits ensure consistent quality
  • We can directly transcribed files to your existing EMR software
  • Frequently updated electronic references and drug lists
  • 100% HIPAA-compliant delivery in 128-bit encrypted format for utmost security
  • FREE 24/7 client support services by email, phone, and fax.
  • No long-term contracts – Flexible Business Relationship to match your special requirements.


-Dictation Process-

Hexa supports following and many other dictation systems:

-Toll Free Service-

Doctors can use any phone line and dial a toll free number to dictate. Dictation system automatically transfers the dictated audio files to Hexa facility using 128-bit SSL encryption.

-Handheld Recorders-

There are various digital recorders available in the market that cost anything between USD 200 to USD 400. The weight of the recorders is between 1 to 1.5 pounds and can be easily carried, allowing the flexibility to dictate. The voice quality is good. The option is convenient and also low on upfront and running costs. Dictated files are automatically transferred to Hexa facility from dictator’s computer.

-Dictation on Computer-

There are some shareware and some paid software available in the market whereby you can dictate on your PC. The voice quality is inconsistent, as one has to be careful about the distance of the mouth from the mic. Too far may make the volume very low and too close would make the voice blurred. The option is low on convenience but also has insignificant upfront and running costs.

-HIPAA compliant Medical Transcription Services-

Worried about security and HIPAA compliance? You have no reason to worry. We have an extensive Compliance Program that covers Staff Education, Privacy and Security.