The model is ideally suited for synchronization and consistency between you and our team throughout the implementation. At every stage, we involve your key stakeholders to ensure that customer requirements are thoroughly understood and precisely met. Our implementation process consists of the following phases:




We take time to get a comprehensive understanding of your business and processes, analyze your requirements and define the scope of the outsourcing initiative. We also scope technical parameters, including technological and environmental specifications, in this phase. We try to learn the client’s priorities, and operating scenarios; structure the implementation program and timelines; and plan manpower staffing and training requirements. The output of this phase is a project schedule, deliverables, and performance metrics.

-Transfer of Knowledge-

During this stage, we deploy dedicated staff for your operations, to train with your existing staff or we do the training offshore through video conferencing. Our team spends time with your existing workforce to determine details of process flows, authority and approval systems, sample transactions, escalation procedures, and related workflows. This interaction enables us to review processes and costs, backup and disaster recovery plans, and to initiate process improvements. At the end of this stage, we will deliver a Service Level Agreement (SLA) document capturing the detailed workflow, along with responsibilities and performance benchmarks.

-Operations, Pilot-
Pilot: The pilot phase is the most critical phase of implementation, as it sets the parameters for future performance. We validate all services to be rendered against your requirements and seek confirmation on the processes, outputs and quality of deliverables. Initially to start with we will replicate a part of the work performed at the client’s end and scale up to perform the whole of the work. This would assure a smooth transition of the process.

At the end of this phase, we deliver the final implementation plan and carry out the hand-over process

-Management of Process and continual improvement-

This phase involves management of the customer’s processes. We constantly monitor the following parameters to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations:

1. SLA commitment vs. delivery

2. Cost vs. quality matrix.

3. Reporting & Review action points.

4. Implementation of confidentiality & security requirements.


Hexa is constantly looking for opportunities to maximize value for its customers. Our experienced BPO team continually evaluates processes and procedures to provide continuous value to customers through increased benefits and cost savings.