Technology Expertise

Hexa Technology is among the leading companies that provide excellent quality assurance services. We focus on providing comprehensive testing services that are customized as per the needs and requirements of our clients. Our vast experience and skills combined with our robust technological expertise enables us to work with the latest techniques and methods. Our team at Hexa Technology is adept at offering reliable services in a short span of time without compromising on the quality. We are committed to building innovative solutions for a more seamless experience for our clients.

Testing Experience

Product testing is radically different from how it used to be in the past. Technological evolutions such as IoT, cloud solutions and other disruptive trends have led to the demand for a more dynamic testing approach which can cater to the ever-changing market. Today, the testing services need to be more integrated with the different stages of development.

Hexa Technology, with years of experience in end-to-end testing solutions, provides a full range of quality assurance services. Our experience combined with our technical competence enables us to deliver strategies that significantly improve the user experience, irrespective of the platform. We work in accordance to the guidelines and established standards, and utilize state-of-the-art technologies that are relevant across different domains.

Our services are focused on reducing the overhead costs for our clients while enhancing the quality of their products for a long-lasting and consistent performance. The experience we possess ensures that we employ the best agile and automated testing techniques, tailored to help our clients meet their objectives. The Hexa team is steadfast in their efforts to provide services that are aimed at adding value to our client’s business by offering cost-effective and practical solutions that live up to the challenges the markets face.

We provide our clients with authentic, reliable and accurate testing and quality assurance services that are established on the grounds of agility and dynamism, which are vital in today’s world.

Core Domain Expertise

Leveraging our extensive knowledge about the different testing methods and our vast experience in the industry, our core expertise lies in providing impeccable end-to-end testing solutions to ensure that every aspect of your product is performing as it should be. Our solutions include:

HA- High Availability Testing

Even though high availability environments offer a secure access to services, it is still necessary to test the backup systems. Our services ensure early detection of any bugs to guarantee uninterrupted functioning and failure management so that the services are restored and any negative impact is minimized.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Our disaster recovery testing is an ideal solution to maintain your software in the long-run. We adopt a sophisticated testing pattern that assures that in case of a loss, data is recovered as soon as possible.

Cloud Testing

With everything moving over to cloud, having a sound testing strategy in place has become more essential than ever. At Hexa, the testing services are devised in such a manner that an equal emphasis is given to the functional as well as the non-functional aspects of the cloud infrastructure.

On-Premise Testing

We also offer on premise testing solutions, ideal for organizations who seek to manage their testing infrastructure and want more control and a flexible strategy. The mechanism functions within the internal network and is suitable for teams that operate from different geographical areas.

Infrastructure Testing

The infrastructure is the basis of any business. If there are faults or errors in it, there will be negative impacts on the applications or the final products as well. Infrastructure testing is all about assessing the runtime environment and the underlying architecture, including the hardware, firmware and the operating system to prevent any kind of problems or failures.

Besides the above mentioned services, Hexa Technology also extends its testing services to the products hosted on the some of the biggest cloud computing solutions providers, such as:

  • Amazon Cloud Testing
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Testing
  • IBM Cloud Testing